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Mother Land



Always wanted to be a producer but couldn't quite get your production material together? Well, now you can start producing.


Mother Land is over flowing with great skits, quizzes, games, and much more about African American.


Read on,, to see samples of the missing link in your great production. If you don't want to produce, this is a great book for learning about things you never even knew you cared about.


Pages from Mother Land                                                                              Crypto African American First


A bunch of you know me. I successfully ended the first Israeli/Arabic war. I was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this. I was the first African American to receive this prestigious award.

Excerpt from poem King of the World

I sat and watched the news today.  After that I had to pray.

Another black male had been shot in the head.  They say we don't do anything but kill each other dead.

Is all that true just because it's on the news?  No!!  Why don't they show that brother who built his business from the ground?  Got back up when he was pushed down.

When a black man makes it to the top,  A new hope unfurls.  HAIL BLACK MAN!  KING OF THE WORLD!

John B. Russwrum (Skit)

Graduation. All the graduates are white except one. The announcer calls each graduate up to get his diploma. Each one comes up, takes his diploma, shakes the announcer's hand and returns to his seat.)

ANNOUNCER: Our next graduate is John B. Russwurm.

JOHN B. RUSSWURM: (Walks up to announcer, takes his diploma, smiles and nods. Hands newspaper to announcer.) Here sir, this is for you.

ANNOUNCER: (Takes newspaper and looks at it.) What is this?

JOHN B. RUSSWURM: It's a copy of my newspaper. Freedom Journal. You know, this is the country's first black newspaper.

ANNOUNCER: (Looks at paper and reads) Freedom Journal. Congratulations, John B. Russwurm. You are co-founder of the country's first black newspaper and you are one of the first black college graduates in the United States.

JOHN B. RUSSWURM: Thank you sir. (Shakes hands with announcer again, takes diploma and returns to his seat, as the curtain closes.)


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