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The Glorious Bible

Have you ever wanted to know more about the bible, but you didn't seem to have the time to read it, or the bible seemed hard to understand?

Heart Warmers gives you a personal glimpse of the bible in a light hearted format.

You can learn an entire chapter in about thirty minutes, or learn many passages at your own pace.

Below is a list of the table of contents and a brief description of each topic.

Far Above Rubies      Proverbs 31    Read and embrace the virtuous woman.

Wisdom through Living Titus 2 and I Timothy 3 What does the biblesay the role of the aged saints is?

Enriched Through Marriage Hebrew 13 Learn more about the only union on earth that is compared to the union between the church and Christ.

The Bible What can you learn about the bible from the bible? Read to find out.

He Built a Brick House Matthew 16:18 Remember how the wolf couldn't blow The Three Little Pigs' brick house down. Well, Satan can't blow God's brick house down either. Read to learn about the glorious house God built to protect his children from harm.

Revelation Nothing frightening here. Come enjoy the exciting book of The Vision.

The Right I Did Not Do Galatians 6:10 "I don't do this, that or the other," is often said by Christians. The thing is, many times, not only are we not doing wrong we are not doing right either. Many of us will be lost. Not for the wrong we did but the right we did not do.

Your Money’s Worth Job 38 How many times have you tried to tell God how to do his job? Your opinion of how God should operate isn't worth a penny.

Someone Proverbs 18:24 All of us have lost a dear friend. Read about this beautiful friendship.

How Blessed Are You? Matthew 5 The Beatitudes in all its splendor.

Holy Bible Who did Matthew write the gospel for? Mark? Luke and John? What are Paul letters about. You will be surprised.

Faith is what keeps me going Job In less time than it takes to give yourself a good manicure, you can learn the entire book of Job.

Forgiveness Matthew 18:21 You know how it is, we expect others to forgive us but we don't want to forgive others. Let this reading convict you.

An Arrow Just Beyond Jeremiah 50:14 Careful where you aim your bow.

Behold the Palm Revelation 7:9 A palm was used as a sign of victory. Explore to see how we as Christians are just as the palm tree.

Let Jesus Be Your All and All  Luke 14:26   Jesus requires total dedication.

It’s a Miracle John 2:1 Many miracles were done in the bible. Read to see how many of these you know and don't know. Grace Growing

2 Peter 1:5-8 This building block of add ons will bounce you into grace.

What Must I Do To Be Saved Nothing is left to chance. Check out the easy steps to salvation.

The Devil Made Me Do It I John 4:4 Can the devil really make us do anything?

Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit's function in our lives will blow your mind.

They’errrrrrrrrrrrr Back I Corinthians 15:51 Lazarus isn't the only one in the bible who was raised from the dead.

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