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Beyond Second Grade


It’s important to read. Reading is fundamental to functioning in today’s society.

In my research, I found that there are four blocks to reading, which consist of self-selected reading, shared reading, writing, and working with words.

I also found out about word study. Word study is phonics +spelling +vocabulary instructions.

B.E.A.R.S. uses these proven techniques, along with other great techniques, to educate America. One mind at a time.


Reading Comprehension

Read the story to your class, or have them read it, and have them draw as many things as they can remember from the story.

Joe Nathan, and his family visit Angola.

Today’s word is Angola. Angola is on the continent of Africa. Angola was Ndongo, and Matamba, before it became Angola. The capital of Angola is Luanda.

The Cussucala’s was the host family of Joe Nathan’s family, in Angola, Africa. A host family is a family who invites someone from a foreign country to stay with them for a certain period of time.

While there, Joe Nathan, and his family learned about King Nzinga. Although Nzinga is a woman, in Africa she is still considered a king. King Nzinga lived from 1582-1663. She fought against her brother, who was working with the Portuguese to enslave Africans. She seized the throne, and ruled for 40 years, successfully resisting Portuguese colonialism. She created a state of the art army.

Answer these questions.

1. This story is about _________. a. João Correia de Sousa b. King Nzinga

2. King Nzinga was a ______________. a. woman b. man

3. Africa is a ______________. a. country b. continent


Today’s word is predict. To predict means to state what will happen in the future, based on what you already know.

If I say I get paid every Friday, and today is Friday, you can predict that I will get paid today. Or if I say I get paid every Friday, and today is Thursday, you can predict that I won’t get paid today.

Read the short story, and predict what will happen next.

Dear Bell,

While I was visiting with Harriet Tubman on the plantation, she freed a thousand slaves.She waited until night time, before she led them to freedom. Before she led them to freedom, she got a pistol, some sleeping medicine, and as much food as she could find.

As soon as she got everything ready, they took off. It was a long time before she came back. When she got back, it was night time, but she didn’t free anybody, so I got ready to leave.

Suddenly Harriet Tubman got a pistol, some sleeping medicine, and as much food as she could find.

1. What do you think will happen next?

a. Harriet Tubman will fall asleep.

b. The slaves will celebrate Harriet Tubman’s return.

c. More slaves will be lead to freedom.

2. What helped you choose the answer you did?

a. Harriet Tubman has a sleeping disorder.

b. It was night time, and Harriet Tubman got a pistol, some sleeping

medicine, and as much food as she could find.

c. The slaves really wanted to be free.


Today’s word is eliminate. Eliminate means to get rid of something:

Underline the word, and the picture that best complete the sentence. Using the process of elimination will help.

Educator, this is an excellent time to teach the students how to use a dictionary, too look up meanings of word they may not know, and to teach them to do research on the internet, or an encyclopedia.

5. Issac Murphy was the first African American to win three Kentucky Derby’s horse races. He was inducted into the Jockey Hall of Fame in 1965. Laws were soon passed prohibiting African Americans from being jockeys.

A jockey is a ________________________________________ _______________.

A. writer B. horse rider C. baseball players


afraid  surprised  angry  hungry  proud      winter  happy

1. Black people were trampled on by horses when they marched. They began to run and scream. How were the black people feeling? ________

2. “I, Toussaint L'Ouverture, am the only Black general to defeat three of the world’s biggest armies: French, British and Spanish, and I freed the slaves of Haiti in the only permanently successful slave revolt in history.” How is Toussaint L’Ouverture feeling? __________________

3. The runaway slave hadn’t eaten for three days. He grabbed up the bread, and bit big hunks. How is the slave feeling? ______________________



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