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He Built a Brick House


The Desire , the Design , the Delivery

You can have a desire and never have a design or delivery .But, you can never have a design with out a desire and you can never have a delivery without a desire and design .

The Desire

God always had a desire to make sure his people needs were met. If you look in the Old Testament, you will find that God rain manna from heaven, sent food by a bird, made bitter water sweet and on and on.

God also had a desire to protect his people and have a place to dwell among his people.

Let’s look at Exodus 26:1. It shows God giving instructions to build a tabernacle. One purpose of the tabernacle was to provide a place for God to dwell among his people. God also gave instructions to make sure everything he desired was placed in the tabernacle.

At one time if you lived in a brick house you were considered to have arrived. Very few people I grew up with lived in a brick house. A brick house symbolized status. Everybody wanted a brick house. Families wanted a brick house to live in. Men wanted a brick house to date.

The Design

I have told you about the desire God had to dwell among his people and the desire to protect his people.  Now, I will tell you about the design.

Matthew 16 starting at verse 13 when Jesus came to the coast of Cesarea Philippi he asked, “Who do men say I the son of man Am?”

Peter answered; thou art the Christ the son of the living God.  Because of this statement, Peter received a blessing.  Jesus said, “Blessed are though Simon Barjona or son of Jonah for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you but my father which is in heaven. And I say unto you thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church.”

When you are ready to build according to Luke 14: 28 and 29, you need to sit down and count the cost. If you just lay a foundation and are not able to finish building the building, people will laugh at you.

I’m not a builder but I’ve seen enough people build to know that the first cost you need to count is the cost of a good contractor.


In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church. Jesus is the builder of the church therefore Jesus is the contractor. You see, a good contractor must not only know how to build a house, he must know where to build the house. The fact that Jesus chose a rock to build on is evidence that he’s a great contractor.


The Delivery

So far, I have talked about the tabernacle, the wall and the brick house that God built which is the church.

Let’s look at the delivery.

Let us look at how the items in the Tabernacle coincide with the items in the brick house that God built.

1. The Ark of the Covenant held the Ten Commandments These commandments were written on stone tablets and summed up the whole covenant of God.

In this brick house that God built, there is also a covenant. This covenant is not written on tablets of stone but written on the fleshly tablets of our hearts. 2 Corinthians 3:3


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